Academic Advisor

The Master's Program operates with the academic advisor regulation below which follows the academic advisor regulation of the institution as approved by the Quality Assurance Unit of the International Hellenic University at the meeting no. 16/13.10.2021


The Master's Program Coordinating Committee assigns Study Advisor duties to Master's Program faculty members, no later than November 30 of each academic year, for each newly admitted student. The number of first-year students is evenly distributed among faculty members and is selected randomly. A student's Academic Advisor remains the same until the completion of their studies. In case of absence of the Academic Advisor for a long period of time (e.g. educational leave, health problem, retirement), the Coordinating Committee assigns the students of the Advisor in question to another faculty member. As regards the admission of students with special conditions or special categories, who enroll later in the Master's Program, the procedure is repeated after the completion of these enrollments.

Role of the Academic Advisor

The Study Advisor is responsible for informing and advising students on all of the following:

a) Support to facilitate first-year students in their transition from study programs 1u cycle in study programs 2u cycle.

b) Course content, participation in workshops, utilization of the infrastructure of the Master's Program workshops, ways of evaluating course performance, encouraging the student to participate in progress, tests, series of exercises, supplementary teaching with additional tutorials, etc., which help the student to understand and to successfully complete the courses in which he has difficulty, study methods, bibliography.

c) Content of compulsory and elective courses, determining the optimal choice of courses, minimizing exam failure and discussing with the student so that the choice of courses is consistent with his personal interests, skills and abilities.

d) Discussion of exam results.

e) Choice of topic for graduate or other theses.

f) Doctoral studies (at the Department, in Greece and abroad).

g) Professional prospects (opportunities in public, private sector, freelance, job abroad).

h) Discussion of any topic that creates obstacles to studies.

i) Issues with teachers.

j) Information about the services offered by the University to its students (Student welfare, Employment and Career Structure (ECS), SKEPI, Internship Office, etc.). The Academic Adviser informs the Department's Coordinating Committee in writing, by filling in the ASS-1 and ASS-2 forms, about the progress of the institution and conveys to it any problems raised by the students regarding the above. In his report he can point out malfunctions or deficiencies that create problems for students and propose measures to deal with them. In exceptional cases and after a documented request of the student or the Study Advisor, a new Study Advisor can be appointed.

Contact the Academic Advisor

The Study Advisor has a list of the e-mail addresses of the students assigned to him and communicates with them about matters of their studies. In addition, he announces on his personal website and on the Master's Program website a specific time of discussion with the students he advises. In order for the meetings to be effective, there are both one-on-one meetings with each student and group meetings on topics of common interest. The first meeting (welcome meeting) is recommended to be set within the first month of the official start of the winter semester. Subsequent meetings will be scheduled on mutually agreed dates. The Director and the members of the OMEA should cooperate and support the Study Advisors in their work and take into account their observations, suggestions, recommendations and requests

Protection of student personal data and confidentiality

For the exercise of what is mentioned in Paragraphs 2 and 3, the legislation for the protection of students' personal data and the obligation to observe confidentiality apply, which continues with the termination of the duties of the Academic Advisor.