Object – Purpose

The MSc aims to provide graduate-level training in applied and advanced automation systems, so that MSc graduates acquire a strong scientific background, experience and know-how for the development of intelligent automation systems. More specifically, the MSc aims to:

a) the high-level training of scientists who will be able to successfully staff critical areas related to Automatic control, and industrial production to contribute substantially to the production of integrated solutions.

b) the development and promotion of research in all areas related to applied automatic control systems.

The headquarters of the MSc "Applied Automation Systems" is located in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of International Hellenic University, Alexandria Campus, Sindos which also has the scientific responsibility for its operation.

The purpose of the MSc is to create highly trained scientists through the provision of specialized knowledge in Applied Automation Systems, which can be used in the assessment and application of intelligent technologies and the production and development of new technological systems.

MSc graduates acquire the required skills for a successful career as high-ranking executives both in the private sector (companies providing services in automatic control systems, design and production departments, management departments of large enterprises, etc.) and in the public sector (public organizations, educational institutions, research centers, etc.).

The assessment is that the subject of Applied Automation Systems is very attractive at the national and international level and this is demonstrated by the acceptance of the students and also by the career path of the graduates of the former department of automation and mechanical vehicle engineering which creates the basis of the said postgraduate program.