Tuition and Scholarships

The cost of attending the Master's Program (MSc) in Applied Automation Systems is a total of €2,000. Fees are paid in interest-free installments on specified dates according to announcements from the Secretariat. The payment of the tuition fees of each semester is a necessary condition for participation in the exams.

According to article 35, paragraph 2, of Law 4485/2017: "P.M.S. students are exempted from tuition fees, where these are provided for, whose individual income, if they have the same income, and the available family equivalent income do not independently exceed one hundred percent (100%) , and the family seventy percent (70%) of the national median disposable equivalent income, according to the most recently published figures of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (EL.STAT.). This exemption is granted for participation in a single P.M.S.. In any case, the exempted students do not exceed the percentage of thirty percent (30%) of the total number of students admitted to the P.M.S.. If the beneficiaries exceed the percentage of the previous paragraph, they are selected in order of ranking starting from those with the lowest income. By a decision of the Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, which is published in the Government Gazette, every issue related to the implementation of the previous paragraphs is defined. With a similar decision, the amount corresponding to the national median available equivalent income (individual and seventy percent (70%) of the family), according to the data of EL.STAT.. For the application of this paragraph, is taken into account , by the Committee established pursuant to case d of paragraph 3 of article 31, the incomes of the last tax year, for which at the time of selection in the P.M.S. the tax clearance has been completed, in accordance with what is defined in the Income Tax Code."

The current legal and regulatory framework governs the preparation of the budget and the financial management of the Master's Program. is Law 4485/2017 as well as Y.A. No. 216772/Z1.