Welcome and presentation of the Master Programme, by the Director, Associate Professor Mr. Apostolos Tsagaris

The curriculum was developed following close cooperation with A.E.I. specialists and professors of Greece and abroad, specialized in applied and advanced automation systems. Furthermore, sectoral and scientific bodies of Greek and foreign universities participated in the development of the master's degree. High-quality teaching is offered in flexible forms of education (in-person classes in combination with flexible and online forms of teaching), thus enabling the working graduate students to further develop their knowledge and skills in various areas of automation systems.

The object of this Master's Program is the production of knowledge in the scientific field of applied automation systems on the one hand and its transmission to the postgraduate students who will attend it, thus achieving the wider purpose of the MSc which is the provision of training of high-level executives who can meet the demands of public and private organizations and businesses.

Personnel teaching in the MSc are top professors from various universities in Greece which fully cover all the academic subjects of the courses. In addition, our postgraduate students are provided with a comprehensive program of seminar lectures by expert scientists and senior executives of education agencies and organizations.

Both, me personally as well as the whole team of professors and administrative staff of this master's degree, we are constantly working so that the program successfully satisfies, in the most modern and flexible way, both the requirements of the master's students, as well as the needs of the employees in the private and in the public sector!

The Director of MSc
Apostolos Tsagaris
Associate professor