Tailored training program "Robotics, STEAM and New Technologies Trainers"

Robotics, STEAM and New Technologies Trainers

START: 1/2/2024

IHU of Thessaloniki – Training and Lifelong Learning Center (K.E.Di.V.M.)

The Department of Production and Management Engineering of the School of Engineering of the International University of Greece (DIPAE), organizes a distance learning program for "Robotics, STEAM and New Technologies Educators" of 400 hours, lasting 9 months, providing at the same time 13.5 ECTS credits.

Duration: 400 hours, 9 months Tuition: €250

Contact info

Apostolos Tsagaris, Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Director of the PMS "Applied Automation Systems"

International University of Greece, Sindos - Thessaloniki

Email: tsagaris@ihu.gr, Tel: +302310013056, mob: +306977425136