Quality Policy

The Master Programme "Applied Automation Systems" follows the quality policy of the International Hellenic University.


The International Hellenic University (IHU) seeks to be a pillar of excellence in education and research, emphasizing at the same time internationalization, the utilization of research results, teaching and learning innovation, the development of entrepreneurship and the interconnection of the Institution with society.
The International Hellenic University has developed and implements a specific official Quality Assurance Policy, which is part of its strategy. In the development and implementation of this policy, with the appropriate structures and procedures, all interested internal factors (Administrative Bodies, Faculty Members and Researchers, Employees, Students of all Study programs and other interested parties) participate.
The Quality Policy of the International Hellenic University aims to continuously and systematically ensure, improve and strengthen the quality of the study programs and the supporting services of the Institution.
This policy includes the formulation of clear, specific, measurable objectives and corresponding quality assurance actions, which define the framework within which all academic and administrative units of the Foundation must operate in order to achieve the expected results.
The quality assurance policy of the International Hellenic University expresses the Institution's systematic, structured and continuous commitment to providing high quality education, research, teaching and services, recognizing that the primary responsibility for quality assurance lies with the Institution itself.

Fundamental values
This Policy is based on the following fundamental values:
● academic freedom in teaching, research, expression and circulation of ideas within the framework of the Constitution and the Laws of the state,
● respecting meritocracy, academic and scientific ethics,
● dedication to the advancement of science and the transmission and diffusion of knowledge with a sense of social responsibility,

The main axes on which its Assurance and Improvement policy is structured
Quality of IHU are the folowing:
● The organization of the Internal Quality Assurance System.
● Safeguarding academic principles, ethics, preventing discrimination, encouraging the participation of external bodies in quality assurance.
● The continuous reformation and improvement of the Foundation's Undergraduate and Postgraduate study programs.
● Improving student learning.
● The support of young researchers.
● The dissemination of research findings.
● Strengthening the multi-level research project at the Foundation.
● The continuous improvement of the working conditions of the scientific and administrative staff of the Foundation.
● The development and rational distribution of human resources
● The efficient organization of services and the development and maintenance of infrastructure.
● The development of synergies between the Departments of the Schools of IHU in undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
● The contribution to the productive reconstruction of the country.
● The strengthening of collaborations with other foreign and domestic institutions, the diffusion and strengthening of research projects and synergies, as well as the improvement of the production of research work.
● The promotion and support of innovation in educational work.
● The attraction of high-level faculty members from Greece and abroad.
● The promotion of the Foundation in Greece and Internationally.
● The availability and effective management of the necessary resources for the operation of the Foundation
● The utilization of alternative funding sources (participation in international programs, self-financed study programs, sponsorships/donations).
● The improvement of the organization and delivery of Lifelong Learning programs.
● The connection with society.
● The assumption of the responsibilities of the leadership of the Institution, the Departments and other functional units, the members of the staff and the students, as well as the assignment of the role attributed to them in relation to quality assurance.

Link to strategy
The quality policy is directly connected and an integral part of the Foundation's Strategy, which is based on the following pillars:

Digital Transformation
The Foundation aims to improve the quality of Administrative Capacity and the services provided as well as to monitor all quality indicators and results through the development and use of relevant information systems and digital governance systems.
● Green Deal
The International Hellenic University focuses on the effort to improve its environmental quality through environmental actions with the aim of contributing to the reduction of the environmental footprint, better resource management, environmental awareness of the academic community, providing a friendly environment for its students and staff.
● Creation and development of study programs oriented to the needs of the Market and Entrepreneurship.
The development of quality, flexible, market-linked study programs and the attraction of high-level students and teachers are pursued through individual quality objectives such as the connection of the Foundation with businesses and organizations, the continuous evaluation of the quality of the education provided, the strengthening of mobility and internationalization of the educational process etc.
● Internationalization
The Foundation seeks to strengthen its contacts with the international academic community, participate in networks of strategic alliances, utilize its research infrastructure, increase the mobility of the academic community, create English-language Postgraduate Programs.
● Strengthening research and innovation by attracting new researchers
The International Hellenic University has as a constant and permanent feature of its operation excellence in research and its connection with education. In this context, it aims to connect and attract leading researchers from all over the world as well as talented students. The achievement of the above as well as individual goals in this direction will lead to the improvement of the quality of the work provided by the Foundation.
● Strengthening the social role of the International Hellenic University
The Foundation produces work beneficial to society through its educational and research footprint in areas such as health, nutrition, the environment, etc. Targeting the development of partnerships with social agencies will contribute in this direction.

Internal Quality Assurance System
In the context of the implementation of the Quality Policy and for the monitoring and achievement of the quality objectives, the International Hellenic University draws up, implements, controls and revises a Quality Assurance System which defines the processes related to the effective organization of services, the encouragement of research activity, the rational management of resources, the utilization and development of the Foundation's human resources and the Foundation's compliance with the specifications of the National Higher Education Authority. The Quality Assurance System is drawn up in accordance with the Foundation's Operating Regulations, ethics and non-discrimination principles, is approved by its highest Administrative Body and specifies the responsibility of the Foundation's Leadership and Bodies for its effective implementation.
A necessary condition for the effective implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System is the clear commitment of the Administration, the academic and administrative Departments of the Institution, the staff members and the students, according to the role attributed to them in the context of quality assurance.

The role of QAU
The policy of the Foundation for Quality Assurance and its implementation strategy are implemented through the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) of the IHU.

Taking Responsibilities
The Management undertakes the responsibility to contribute:
In connecting and harmonizing the quality policy with the general strategic goals of the Foundation.
In spreading the policy of quality to students, staff, administration, partners and all recipients of the Foundation's services.
In securing all the necessary resources for the implementation of the quality policy and the Internal Quality Assurance System as well as for the monitoring of the objectives and performance indicators.
In making decisions for the continuous improvement of the quality of the educational, research and administrative work of the Foundation.
In the staffing of the QAU office with sufficient and highly qualified staff and providing it with systematic training and appropriate tools that will help to implement the quality policy through the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS), to monitor the indicators and to submit quality improvement proposals to the Institution.

Publication of policy, competences QAU, IQAS, Quality Manual
The Development Strategy and the Quality Policy of the International Hellenic University
are published on the main website of the Foundation, at the link: www.ihu.gr. The responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Unit, the structure of the Internal Quality Assurance System as well as the Institution's Quality Manual are published on the website of the Assurance Unit, at the link: