Graduates of the Departments of: Automation, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Informatics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics belonging to Universities, TEIs and Polytechnic Schools, as well as Departments of recognized foreign institutions, whose degrees have been recognized by the DOATAP (formerly DIKATSA) and in any case, always in accordance with the written provisions. Graduates of Geotechnical Sciences and Biomedical Sciences who belong to Universities and TEIs and want to enrich their knowledge in the field of automatic control systems are also accepted. Final year students can also apply, who have successfully completed their undergraduate studies before the start of the evaluation of the candidates and will meet all the requirements for admission to the MSc programm.

The selection of those admitted to the PMS is made by the Coordination Committee (CM) of the PMS, according to the criteria defined in the department's postgraduate study guide. The list of successful candidates is validated by the Department's Assembly.

In accordance with Law 3685, Official Gazette 148, vol. A, 16-07-2008, Article 4, par. 3, in addition to the number of admitted students, one (1) scholarship holder of the State Scholarship Foundation (I. K.Y.) who succeeded in the relevant internal postgraduate studies competition of the PMS subject and one (1) foreign scholarship holder of the Greek State. By decision of the Department Assembly (ST), the number of scholars can be increased.

Graduates who – according to the courses they have attended to obtain their undergraduate degree – are deduced to have a low background in the scientific area of the PMS, are required to attend up to three undergraduate courses. Monitoring of these deliveries is mandatory. These courses are defined, for each prospective graduate student with a low background, by the SE of the PMS.

Holders of recognized master's degrees from the country or abroad are entitled - after a recommendation by the SE of the PMS and a decision of the ST. – exemption from corresponding courses they have successfully attended to receive their master's degree.